The Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure is a constantly evolving and fragmented ecosystem. Advanced Analytica brings structure to IoT environments by building enterprise applications that join data from a multitude of sources. We create smart business networks and manage the flow of data to create efficiency gains and commercial value with our proprietary data-engineering framework - Ethel®.



Ethel® uses an intelligent gateway to connect to your document stores, databases and devices to manage the collection of your data and perform constant quality checks.

The gateway uses computer vision and machine learning to extract and collect data from forms, documents and systems to faciltate intelligent process automation for the supply chain.


Ethel® provides specialist parsing services that change the format, structure, or values of your data in preparation for specific analytics projects and downstream processing.

The parsing services apply data mapping, natural language processing, and computational algorithms to create customised sets of metadata at terabyte scale.


Ethel® performs advance analytics to help you aggregate and rapidly search and analsye large volumes of structured data with pin point accuracy to generate valuable insights from multiple sources.

The streaming and batch analytics engines use preconfigured models to analyse your data at scale. Our engines have analysed massive volumes of data from multiple market sectors.


Ethel® securely transfers your data across the internet and share insights with chosen third party platforms and application services to realise the true commercial value of your data.

The push technology enables you to create innovative data-driven solutions and blockchain applications based on the consistent delivery of highly structured trusted data.

Building Technologies of the Future

Ethel Server

The Ethel® Server is an intelligent gateway server that provides seamless connectivity and collection from multiple sources, regardless of protocol or operating system. It serves as a connection and data manager, and securely transfers relevant data from connected machines to the Ethel® Manager.

Ethel Manager

Ethel® Manager can be deployed on premise or in the cloud to manage connections and orchestrate the flow of data through a series of transformation and analytics functions. The Ethel® Manager is a self-repairing platform that provides inbuilt reporting, alerting and data visualisation for realtime insight.


Maximise Reuseable Code

Connect to and collect data from all your network devices with an extensive library of common and proprietary protocols with a minimal need for coding.

Flexible Deployment

Maintain control over your IoT network devices and data with flexible deployment options for on premise or single and hybrid cloud environments.

Minimise Re-Engineering

Modules can be rapdily added and exchanged using a simple drag and drop method to easily create purpose-built reusable data pipelines.

Dynamically Scaleable

Quickly and easily integrate new devices and other sources of data as your architecture grows without the need for modification or sacrificing performance.

Trusted Data

Continuously monitor and attest your data at source and at every stage of your processing pipeline to ensure the integrity of your data and trust of your network.

Adaptable Architecture

Run your platform on any hardware, cloud service provider or protocol to match your specific newtork infrastructure or business requirements.

Virtual Workshops

We need up THREE HOURS of your focused time and attention to understand your particular challenge and walk you through the current state of innovation within the connected business world. Our promise to you is that you will leave the workshop understanding an IoT application that can tackle your particular challenge, cut costs and improve your performance TODAY.



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